Our Neon transformers are fully weatherproof and guaranteed to last, we are the only supplier of 15KV electronic transformers in Australia.

Fully compliant to standards and VERY VERY energy efficient the NP15KV transformers can run  up to 14.5 metres of 12mm tubing at only 0.6 amps.

Our Iron core range of transformers are market tested and proven for reliability over many many years.




NP Signs LED Power Supplies come in a range of sizes.....30W....60W...100W and 150W.

Constant current and constant voltage availble.

All of our LED Power Supplies are fully weatherproof , robust and rated for 100% loading.

NP Signs also carries several types of RGB Controllers, from our standard controller rated at 180W @12V to our programmable controller where you get to choose the colour sequence.

The Controller can be linked to your computer or set to a regular sequence.......want just a blue / purple or red sequence? Then NP Signs  have just what you are looking for.


Add to this our LED Signal Boosters and it is possible to run an unlimited length of high light output to RGB LED Strips.

With this system it is possible to illuminate the whole of the outside of a building and sequence this to any interior RGB lighing.



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